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The No. 1 solution for all your CSR and impact challenges

Centralize your CSR data in one place and evaluate yourself to demonstrate your Positive Impact to all your stakeholders.


Simplify data entry and processing, saving up to 30% of your time

Optimize your non-financial reporting

Develop responsible sponsorship based on data

Involve your internal teams in sustainable development issues

Consolidate your responses for tender
Improve your grant applications
Implement a responsible purchasing policy
Choose  responsible and justified communication

Our ESG measures are accessible to everyone



39 € / month


Exclusive content



Simple measurement

99 € / month

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+ ESG measurement

+ Access


Justified measurement

149 € / month

Starter pack

+ Business Pack

+ Access

Network leaders

Gray label

on request

by volume of channels

Creation of an industry reference framework

Other options

How does it work?

Measure your CSR impact

Using index tailored to your sector, you can assess your level of commitment in the three areas of Environment, Social Responsibility and Governance.

You will have access to :

ESG measurement

+25 categories

waste, carbon mobility, etc.

Real-time reporting

Charts, diagrams, scoring

Full report

By theme and downloadable

Solutions for action

+170 validated use cases

and referenced

+25 themes

Sorting, recycling, diversity, etc.

+100 partner companies and associations

Premium content


Norms; standards, labels


News & Events


Analysis & training

They trust us

...and talk about us

Solutions and contents

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